School Holidays Scotland 2018

On this page you'll find the dates for the school holidays in Scotland. In Scotland there are small regional differences. In the tables below these differences are mentioned. If possible always inform about the exact dates at your children's school. Also see the page with the school holidays of the United Kingdom.

School Holiday Dates Scotland 2018

Below you see the school holiday dates for Scotland 2018, as far as known to this date. Please note: these are guidelines.

School holidays Scotland 2018 - All dates are subject to change
School HolidayStart dateEnd dateWeek
Christmas holiday 2017 22-12-2017 07-01-2018 52-1Christmas holiday 2017ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Some school close and resume some days earlier.
Mid term break 2018 12-02-2018 20-02-2018 7-8Mid term break 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: From 1 day to 1 week in this period. Most councils two days. E.g. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Noth and South Lanarkshire, West-Lothian: 12 and 13 February 2018.
Easter holidays 2018 30-03-2018 13-04-2018 14-15Easter holidays 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Most councils in this period. Some exceptions possible. E.g. Edinburgh (until 16-4-2018) or West Lothian (26 March 2018 - 6 April 2018).
May holiday / weekend 2018 25-05-2018 28-05-2018 14-15May holiday / weekend 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Only long weekend, not every council, exceptions possible. Councils with may holiday: e.g. North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, City of Dundee. West Lothian 7 and 8 May 2018.
Summer holiday 2018 27-06-2018 20-08-2018 27-33Summer holiday 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Begin and start date may vary a bit per council. Most schools start somewhere in week 33.
Autumn/mid term break 2018 08-10-2018 26-10-2018 41-42-43Autumn/mid term break 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: One or two weeks in this period per council. Always check with your children's school.
Week 41-42: e.g. Fife, City of Dundee.
Week 42-43: e.g. Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen, Dunfries of Galloway.
Only week 42: e.g. Falkirk, North- and South Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, West Lothian.
Christmas holiday 2018 24-12-2018 04-01-2019 52-1Christmas holiday 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Start and end dates may vary a bit per council.
September Weekend 2018 21-09-2018 24-09-2018 -September Weekend 2018ScotlandGBScotland
REMARK: Does not apply to all councils. Sometimes only one day or not at all. However, most councils in this period. Does apply to Glasgow, North- and South Lanarkshire, Aberdeen and Renfrewshire. Some exceptions possible, e.g. West Lothian (14-17 September 2018).


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