School Holidays Denmark

No current school holidayToday, August 23rd 2019, is not an official school holiday in Denmark.

Upcoming school holidayThe next school holiday in Denmark starts 12-10-2019 (Autumn holiday 2019).

In Denmark the fixed school holiday dates are discontinued. The government determines only the start date for the summer holiday. Besides the summer holiday schools may decide when they schedule school holidays and days off during the school year. As a result, there is no 100% determined date when the school holidays take place in Denmark. The tables below show the general, most common situation.

In general, the “winter” holiday (spring break) is scheduled in week 7/8. The autumn at week 42. There is no official construction industry holiday in Denmark, but most of the industry is closed the first three weeks of July. Many schools have also been closed for several days around Ascension and Pentecost.

School Holidays Denmark 2019

For Denmark the following school holiday dates are expected in 2019.

School holidays Denmark 2019 - All dates are subject to errors and changes
School HolidayStart dateEnd dateWeek
Christmas holiday 201822-12-2018(Week: 51)02-01-2019(Week: 01)51 - 01
Winter holiday 201909-02-2019(Week: 06)24-02-2019(Week: 08)06 - 08
 REMARK: 1 week in this period. In week 8 only schools in North Jutland are closed.
Easter holidays 201913-04-2019(Week: 15)22-04-2019(Week: 17)15 - 17
Summer holiday 201929-06-2019(Week: 26)11-08-2019(Week: 32)26 - 32
Autumn holiday 201912-10-2019(Week: 41)20-10-2019(Week: 42)41 - 42
Christmas holiday 201921-12-2019(Week: 51)02-01-2020(Week: 01)51 - 01