School Holidays Poland

On this page is a overview of the school holidays in Poland in 2016. Please pay attention to the substancial differences per region and/or community during the Winter Holiday. During the Winter Holiday the schools in every region are closed for twee weeks in the below mentioned period. 

Classes end on the last Friday of June. School activities start the first weekday of September. When the first day of September is on a Friday or Saturday, the lessons start on the first Monday after 1 September. 

The management of a school or institution is allowed to plan extra days off in a given school year, depending on the type of school:

  • 6 days - for primary schools, vocational schools, post-secondary education and institutions of vocational education and secondary education centers
  • to 8 days - high schools,
  • 10 days - secondary schools, lyceums, colleges, universities

School Holidays Poland 2016

Polish school holidays 2016 - All dates are subject to change
School HolidayStart dateEnd dateWeek
Christmas holiday 2015 21-12-2015 06-01-2016 52-1
Winter holiday 2016 18-01-2016 28-02-2016 3-8
REMARK: Every region: 2 weeks school holiday within this period.
Easter holidays 2016 24-03-2016 29-03-2016 12
REMARK: Long weekend only.
Summer holiday 2016 24-06-2016 31-08-2016 26-35
Christmas holiday 2016 23-12-2016 01-01-2017 52