School Holidays Cyprus

No current school holidayToday, June 16th 2019, is not an official school holiday in Cyprus.

Upcoming school holidayThe next school holiday in Cyprus starts 20-06-2019 (Summer Holidays).

School Holidays Cyprus 2019

Below are all school holidays for Cyprus in 2019, as far as known to us at this moment.

School holidays Cyprus 2019 - All dates are subject to errors and changes
School HolidayStart dateEnd dateWeek
Christmas Holidays23-12-2018(Week: 51)06-01-2019(Week: 01)51 - 01
Easter Holidays22-04-2019(Week: 17)03-05-2019(Week: 18)17 - 18
Summer Holidays20-06-2019(Week: 25)06-09-2019(Week: 36)25 - 36