Current European School Holidays

On this page you can find all the current European school holidays.

In a lot of European countries the school holidays are around the same period. Most countries know the Christmas holiday, spring holiday, Easter holiday and summer holiday. But there are also other school holidays and exceptions.

European school holidays today:

  • Austria (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Belgium (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Croatia (Summer Holidays)
  • Cyprus (Summer Holidays)
  • Czech Republic (Summer Holidays)
  • England (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Estonia (Summer Holidays)
  • France (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Germany (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Isle of Man (Summer Holidays)
  • Italy (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Jersey (Summer Holidays)
  • Latvia (Summer Holidays)
  • Luxembourg (Summer Holidays)
  • Moldova (Summer Holidays)
  • Northern Ireland (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Poland (Summer Holiday)
  • Romania (Summer Holidays)
  • Slovenia (Summer Holidays)
  • Switzerland (Summer holiday 2019)
  • The Netherlands (Summer holiday 2019)
  • Wales (Summer holiday 2019)

Use the menu to find the details of above mentioned school holidays.